PS3 YLOD Fix Guide Yellow/Red Light of Death Repair Instructions

PS3 YLOD Fix Guide Yellow/Red Light of Death Repair InstructionsClick Image To Visit SiteThere is nothing worse than finding out that your Playstation 3 has a yellow light problem. Even worse is that it is out of warranty. And what’s worse is that you’re locked up blue ray drive will not release your favourite game. This leaves you with a big problem and a few choices to think about.

The choice is easy and fixing your Playstation 3 is even easier. The yellow light of death is becoming a more common problem. And the fix required is simple when you know how. Even people that have never touched anything like the motherboard of a PS3 would understand and be able to do the steps required. Why does Ylod happen?

What happens with the PlayStation 3 is that over time, the heat generated by the Cell processor and the Graphics processor causes the wires that connect everything to the Motherboard to melt off. This cuts off communication between these parts and causes the yellow light of death (YLOD).

Fixing and preventing the yellow light of death will take you no more than 1 hour to complete. And using PS3 Fixer is 100% safe because it is the exact method that Sony uses.

Within 2 years of use a Playstation 3 is rarely going to get any problems. It’s after this time that issues will start to happen. Well built the Playstation 3 may be. But the amount of heat that it generates is always going to cause problems. You would think that Sony would take that in to mind every time they charge someone $150 for repairs.

You see the yellow light of death is not a mistake by Sony. It’s appears like more of a plan to make more money out of you. You can avoid giving Sony more… Read more…

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