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Subject: Real One Time Offers Using WordPress

Dear Fellow WordPress User,

Imagine searching the web for a product or service you really need or want.

You find it!

As your reading the sales page, you also discover that you're being offered the product at a special one time only price, but you only have a limited time to act before the discount disappears.

The price is great... it's the product you already want... but the timer is running... or once you leave the page, you lose the chance... Cha-ching!

You're a customer without even thinking about it!

Now you can create this super buying environment for your customers and most certainly increase your bottom line...

Introducing a "one time offer" plugin for WordPress!


After needing a plugin that would make "real one time offers" and not finding one worth a darn, we decided just to make one. It turned out so good, we just had to release it to other WordPress heads like yourself.

If you understand how to create a page with the built-in WordPress editor and can follow simple video instructions, you can setup your first OTO within 15 minutes after installing this plugin.

One-Time Offer Manager
Easy To Use Plugin for WordPress

Here's what the One-Time Offer Manager WordPress plugin can do for you:

  • Create time limited special offers for your website visitors.
  • Add timers to your One-Time Offer pages to heighten the sense of urgency.
  • Since your customers never see your One-Time Offer after it expires, they will have to buy through your regular offer, further establishing your credibility.
  • Visitors never see the actual link to your one-time offer page, so they can't bypass the limits you've set.
  • No ploys, no gimmicks, no scams, no tricks. Your customers will quickly realize that your one-time offers are the real deal and they'll take you up on your next One-Time Offer 'cause nobody likes to miss out!
  • Tracks user by host address (IP) and cookies! Visitors can't just erase their cookies and get another shot becuase their IP is also tracked.
  • Ability to create unlimited OTO's
  • Use on as many domains as you please
  • And Much Much More...


Plus, the One-Time Offer Manager makes creating and maintaining your one time offers easy and quick.  Watch this tool create a time-limited one time offer in just a few minutes...


Low Quality Video Shown Above - Higher Quality Provided With Your Purchase

It is a truly simple to use plugin! Once you create your first one time offer, the rest will become a breeze. It takes me about 5 minutes on the adverage. You will notice that I set one in about 10 minutes even while making a how to video!

Now you are asking, how much this brand new OTO WordPress plugin going to cost me?

$47? No way! Not even $27...

How about the crazy low price of $17! Yes, you read that correctly,

ONLY $17...

PLUS, if you are one of the first 250 people to order, Master Resell Rights will be included at no extra charge. Sales page is also provided.

Master Resell Rights Included!

Not only are you getting a product that is useful, you are getting a product that will sell for years to come.

The luckly people that get Master Resell Rights will also get a copy of the video on this page WITHOUT watermark. This means the product becomes your with the terms listed below:


[YES] Can be packaged if total cost is over $7
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus if total cost is over $7
[YES] Can be edit sales page and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites that charge at least $7 monthly
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites long as at least $7 starting bid
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights for at least $7
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights for at least $7

[NO]  Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO]  Can give add to free training or membership sites
[NO]  Can give away

This product at $17 including Master Resale Right is crazy low low price already. So, please don't sell it below $7. Please respect product creators, without them you would have nothing to sell. Stop and think about what it takes to create products for you:)


Place your order right now!

ONLY $ 17.00

Master Resell Right Included for the first 250 customers.


Wishing you a great OTO day!

Ken Sar

All products are sold as is, there is no warranty or guarantee attached to this product. There will be no refunds provided at this low, low pricing.

There is also no guarantee of earnings. You may or may not make income by using this product.

We do not provide any support for the following with this purchase: Wordpress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing, graphics or information product creation/editing. Basic help will be provided for the plugin operation only.


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