From: Calvin Woon & Ken Sar

Dear Friend,

Have you ever tried creating or promoting a product only to finish disappointed because you failed to make a single sale?

Or have you attempted to write a sales or squeeze page but ended up with measly conversions?

It sucks isn't it?

You spend weeks going through the painful process of product creation & marketing but it ends up as a complete FLOP...

In a split second, all your hard work is completely flushed down the drain and you've just wasted weeks of precious time in vain...

And you get so fearful of creating new products because you don't wish to endure the heartache of defeat...

... Worse still, you feel like an utter failure and get disillusioned with internet marketing...

But the funny thing is, it appears to be so easy for some people who seem to be able to crank out best-selling products week after week effortlessly!

Here's the truth:

Most people’s “greatest products” never see the light of day because they make the mistake of coming up with a product based on what they “thought” the market wanted, not what the market actually wanted.

In other words, they first develop the product and then try to find a market for it....

... On the other hand, successful marketers first do proper market research FIRST to underpin a profitable niche with reasonable demand and then create a product around that demand.

This ensures that every product they come up with automatically sells by itself!

The bottomline is, you need to uncover what your market truly wants BEFORE you create & sell your product or promote an affiliate product to them!

Here's another BIG tip:

We buy something we want based on emotions, then justify and rationalize our decision with explanations in our mind. 

So when writing your sales copy for your products and services, you should reach out to people, appeal to their emotions, make them WANT what you have to offer and justify it with the rest of your copy... 

This means to say, you really need to sneak your way into your customers’ head and speak to their needs, their wants, their problems, their frustrations, their fears & their desires. 

And in order to do that, you must do the research beforehand to identify your market's:

* Demographics
* Psychographics
* Biggest Problems
* Biggest Frustrations
* Frequently asked questions
* Wants & Desires

Once I was able to figure that out, I became a product creation machine and in JUST the past three years, I've launched well over 40 products which raked in several hundreds of thousands of dollars!

“Another Wonderful Bag of Money Here For Anyone Smart Enough!”

Just downloaded and went through the pack, and clearly there's no no reason why anyone at any skill level can't dive right into this information and use it to generate fantastic income for themselves.

It's way too easy to get a niche "wrong" when building a new site or launching a new promotion, and it costs us hundreds of hours in wasted time when it finally becomes apparent that we chose a market that's not going to make any money.

The beauty of what Calvin has done here is that the guess-work is all taken out of the equation. These awesome niches, and the precise information provided on exactly how to approach them for maximum profits, are guaranteed winners.

Just another wonderful bag of money here for anyone smart enough to take advantage of what's being offered. No-brainer.

Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions

"This Will Help Me Gain Valuable Insight And Make Me a Ton of Money!" 

Hey Calvin, just wanted to say that I loved the entire package. 

Some really valuable information that's going to save me TONS of time but also gain valuable insight and make me a ton of money. 

The real power that's within this package might not be apparent at first, but people really need to look deeply into what this information can REALLY do for you!

Thanks so much buddy! 10/10!

Brenden Clerget

"Your Time is Worth WAY MORE Than What They Charge!"

Let me ask you a quick question...How much is your time worth? $15 an hour? $45 an hour? $100 an hour? Whatever it is, I can guarantee you that your time is worth WAY more an hour than what Calvin and Patricia are charging for this product.

Each of these niches contain between 12-15 pages of research that would take you easily 30 minutes to research, assuming you knew where to look. In addition, coming up with all the FAQ's and the biggest problems & frustrations for each of the 20 niches would take you an additional 1-2 hours of coming up with it.

So assuming your time is ONLY worth $10/hour (I am being SUPER conservative here. My time is worth WAY more than that!) and it takes you ONLY 1 hour to complete each niche (Again, I am being SUPER conservative. It would take me about 2 hours/niche), it would cost you $10/niche of your time, right? 

Multiply that out to the 60 niches and it would cost you $600 of your time to complete all 60 niches. And this doesn't even include the killer bonuses, which are easily another $100 worth.

Hello? Am I getting through to you? I hope so! Shouldn't take much thinking on your part to pick this up even at $50.

Great job you "Lovebirds"!!

Go Big Marketing

Together with my partner Patricia, we're now able to enter and dominate any niche we choose with full confidence and knowledge that the products we create will sell like gangbusters!

Gone are the days of frustration and internet marketing suddenly becomes fun (& very profitable)!

And it's because...

Before entering any niche market, I now conduct a THOROUGH research first...

I have to be honest here though...

Now if you were to research the market on your own, it's going to cost you ALOT of time

Why do I say that?

Well you have to conduct surveys, browse through forums and visit social media sites etc... Then you have to slowly analyze and evaluate the pile of data which you just gathered...

And what if there are MULTIPLE niches which you wish to enter? That simply means more WORK!

I know the thought of going through this painstaking routine is enough to cause you distress...

But I've got GOOD NEWS for you that is going to cut short the ENTIRE process and help you save a TON of time & money. 


We'll like to give you this INSANE opportunity to legally steal ALL the secret data that has been gathered and compiled by our team.

This confidential package is a result of MONTHS of research and has NEVER been revealed before...

And we're making the "Secret Niche Files' available for SIXTY of the hottest niches right now on the Internet!

Before I reveal the niches, here are the 4 components for EACH niche:

Demographics refers to the characteristics of a population. 

Knowing the demographic profile of your average ideal prospect will help you create a clear and complete picture of the characteristics of your target consumer. 

In this component, you'll discover the following demographic data of your average prospect:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Education status

  • Income levels

Note that the data provided are estimates and is meant to be used as a gauge...

Though knowing these demographic insights will help you create a compelling sales message as you now know who exactly you are selling to!

Psychographics variables are any attributes relating to interests or lifestyles. 

Knowing these data once again helps you understand your prospects better and gives you the ability to trigger their emotional hot buttons.

And when you recognize their interests, it becomes easier for you to develop ideas for possible sub-niche products or cross-sells.

In this component, you'll receive 20 frequently asked questions by prospects in that particular niche. 

The coolest thing is, these questions are gathered from conducting surveys and through browsing the top Q&A sites... 

So everything is uncensored and you get to uncover your prospects' REAL inner desires and wants...

Imagine having a magic wand that allows you to magically produce only products that sell like crazy!

It's now possible as with these list of questions, it makes creating your next product a BREEZE because you simply need to give your market what they want!

Each of these questions can simply be a module or chapter in your new product.

And you can also instantly re-write each of these questions and turn them into bullet points for your sales copy!

Once you know what your market wants, marketing to them is a no-brainer!

In this component, you'll receive over 15 of the most common problems & frustrations that is experienced by people in that particular niche. 

The coolest thing is, you get the snatch the “unfiltered language” your best prospect’s are using and you can swipe them in your own sales materials...

Here's a BIG tip which you must know... To sell something successfully, you should always "sell the problem BEFORE you sell the solution!"

Unfortunately, most marketers jump right into selling the features and benefits of their product, without taking the time to understand if their prospect believe they even have a problem.

The top salesmen and copywriters know the importance of selling the problem first, which is why they always start off by describing the problems that their product is the answer to.

And with this component, you will now have the ability to uncover your prospect’s true pain points & unearth their hot buttons.

Simply copy your prospects' own words and paste it straight into your sales page for a massive conversion boost.

PLUS, you will have a ton of instant product ideas that provides the solutions to the biggest problems that your target market is facing... 

This ensures every product you churn out is a MASSIVE HIT!

Here are the 60 niches which you'll receive the Secret Niche Files for:

Affiliate Marketing 
Credit Card Debt 
Dog Training 
Get Your Ex Back 
Hair Care/ Hair Loss 
Marriage Help 
Muscle Building 
Paid Surveys 
Public Speaking 
Quit Smoking 
Student Loans 
Time Management 
Wedding Speech 
Weight Loss 
Acid Reflux 
Auto insurance 
Heart Disease 
Self Defence 
Stress Management 
Resume Writing 
Job Hunting 
Back Pain 
Learn Guitar 
Panic Attacks 
Teeth Whitening 
Goal Setting 
Email Marketing 
Anti Aging
Horse Riding
Online Gaming
Wood Working
Social Media
Real Estate Investing
Language Learning
Web Hosting
Yeast Infection
Green Living
Jump Higher

Crank out killer products that automatically sells like clockwork without fail
Write high converting & emotional sales copies yourself without hiring expensive copywriters who don't deliver!
Build instant rapport & trust with your prospects/customers because you know your market intimately and are able to speak their language (it's as though you're their best friend!)
Recruit boatloads of affiliates to promote your products and generate sales for you on complete autopilot because all your products convert like crazy
Rake in thousands of dollars for every product you create and add new passive income streams every single week!
Uncover invaluable market research data and charge your offline clients thousands of dollars for consultation!
Have the complete confidence that no work or time you spend will ever be wasted as every new niche you enter and product you have created will sell like gangbusters... 

And much much more!

I can just imagine the excitement in you now... 

And I want to make this even MORE IRRESISTIBLE for you!

What's the use of laying your hands on this secret confidential data that is worth thousands of dollars if you don't know how to use them?

In this training video, I'll reveal to you exactly:

  • How to utilize Component 3 (frequently asked questions) to create killer bullet points for your sales copy

  • How to utilize Component 3 (frequently asked questions) to generate a ton of best-selling product ideas on complete autopilot

  • How to utilize Component 4 (biggest problems & frustrations) to write emotional and high-converting sales copies effortlessly!

As mentioned, people buy on emotions and then justify their purchases with logic. So the main goal of your sales copy should be to trigger the emotions of your prospects and make them buy! 

Armed with this amazing list of over 300 emotion words, you'll be able to write compelling copy that will evoke the feelings that you want your prospects to have and SKYROCKET your conversions!

“This is A Real No-Brainer For Anyone Who Does Affiliate Marketing!”

Hi Calvin, I already have sites in many of these niches and this package is really going to ramp things up. Once again you have delivered outstanding value for money and for anyone who does affiliate marketing this is a real no-brainer.

Thanks for putting such a great resource together - you guys Rock!



“Enormous Amount of High Grade Market Intelligence Here!”


Thanks for a great package that certainly looks as though it will not only save lots of time but probably even more usefully serve to focus more accurately on the markets and not be driven hither and back by whatever good idea pops up. 

There seems to be an enormous amount of high grade market intelligence here and the sort of research that will prove invaluable especially to the newcomer and at a throwaway price.


“Thanks For Making These Great Research Resources Available!”

Excellent idea for a product. Even though I create a lot of products, I know I'm focusing on far too few niches - hopefully this will give me a head start.

Just the questions that people are asking is enough material to base some excellent products around.

Thanks for making these great research resources available.


Well if you see the IMMENSE VALUE we're offering here, you'll know for a fact it's a NO-BRAINER deal and we can easily charge a few times more.

So we do not intend to keep this offer up forever and it will close after the first 500 copies are sold!

Just click on the button below right now to secure your copy of Secret Niche Files (60 Niches in all) for an INSANE low price of just $9.97.

Get 60 Secret Niche Files For An Insane Low Price One Time Payment Of $9.97


To your Success,

Ken Sar


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