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From the Desk Of: Ken Sar

Dear Friend,

I see it every day and it completely baffles my mind...

Internet marketers work hard to create their websites. They then work tirelessly for hours upon hours writing the perfect sales letter that will quickly convert browsers into buyers. Once that's all done, they spend days setting up backlinks, submitting articles, and working tirelessly to drive traffic to their new money-making website through any means possible. And then at last, all that hard work begins to pay off...they finally make their first few sales.

BUT WAIT! That's IT?

See, after those initial sales are made, most internet marketers make NO effort whatsoever to sell MORE products or services to their customers. These guys go through the process of doing ALL that hard work just to make a few one-time sales and then POOF! just like that those customers, along with any chances of turning them into loyal buyers, are gone into the wind and never to be heard from again. So now the question is this: are YOU one of these internet marketers who are literally leaving fistfuls of money on the table?

Let me ask you this, have you ever walked into a retail store and ended up walking out with more than you intended on buying? You only went in for a new pair of dress shoes but somehow that clever sales associate convinced you to purchase two new shirts, a pair of slacks and a matching tie as well! Maybe something similar to this happened to you the last time you dined at a restaurant or even when you took your car for an oil change, or ordered fast food. You never intended on spending more than a certain amount of money but somehow the waiter or sales clerk managed to skillfully convince you that adding more items to your purchase and spending more money was the smartest thing to do, and you completely agreed with them!

It must have been witchcraft, right? Well no, not really. The proper term for it is an Upsell. You, my friend, were upsold. And instead of spending the amount of money you had initially planned to, you ended up spending much, much more.

In the realm of internet marketing and online business, the main motto is "Work Smarter, Not Harder". So it's no surprise that for successful internet marketers the majority of their revenue comes from selling to CURRENT & REPEAT CUSTOMERS, not hunting all over the internet in search of brand new ones. So what if YOU could have instant access to the same subtle tactics that these six and seven figure marketers use, to milk endless truckloads of cold hard cash out of the pockets of their EAGER, WILLING & HAPPY-to-BUY customers?

Would you take me up on the offer? Or would you decline and sadly walk away with the knowledge that you may NEVER again be presented with the golden opportunity to explode your business, boost sales revenue by twenty to sixty percent, and build a rock-solid following of online "groupies" who are desperate to buy anything you offer? Well in just a moment, I'm going to give the chance to make this vitally important decision...



I was so sick and tired of seeing misguided internet marketers selling themselves short that I just had to do something about it. The end result was "Maximum Profit with Upsell Tactics". This brand new ebook contains 31 pages of SCORCHING HOT material that will teach you the same techniques the pros use to get the most out of every single sale.

You may be wondering "Why do I need to implement an upsell strategy? After all, I'm already driving traffic and converting prospects into sales. Isn't that enough?"


By settling for only one sale per customer, you're seriously losing a MASSIVE amount of would-be profit! Here's why:

  • When someone buys from you, they already have their wallet out and are ready to fork over the cash. This means that NOW is the time to push additional offers that would complement and add to the value of their main purchase. When done THE RIGHT WAY, customers will rarely if ever say 'no'!

  • Your buyer is about to purchase your product, and this immediately tells you EXACTLY what they're interested in. This then gives you the chance to offer a similar and TARGETED upsell item that will seem like a total no-brainer because it will further SOLVE the customer's problem!

  • People are never satisfied with buying just one thing and that's it. They want a continual stream of products that they haven't gotten their hands on yet. Don't believe me? Just look at the fashion world. Isn't it ridiculous how one moment a style is 'in-season' and the next moment it's 'out-of-season'? Well it works the SAME EXACT way with internet marketing. If you fail to give your CURRENT customers what they want (more and more products), then they'll simply find someone else who will. And that someone else is your competition!

Now do you see why an upsell strategy is so essential to your overall sales process?!?! "Maximum Profit with Upsell Tactics" is the ONLY guide you will EVER need if you want to learn how to effortlessly boost profits almost instantly. I know that once you start using these timeless techniques, you'll be blown away by their sheer power. But the best thing is that each one of them are SO EASY to start implementing.

Upselling is an art. And many marketers who think they've mastered it are sadly mistaken. Even if you already have an upsell strategy, if it's not yielding the results you expected, then chances are you're doing something WRONG. Upsells should never come across as PUSHY or DESPERATE. This will only drive customers away and make you look like just another marketer looking to make a quick buck.

There are certain things you simply MUST know if you want to start upselling effectively. I often see marketers try to squeeze every penny out of their customers without giving them value in return. They call this an upsell when in reality it is nothing more than a poor attempt to hijack their customers' wallets!

The real key to creating a high acceptance rate upsell is to add value and present an 'unbeatable deal'. But very few marketers naturally know how to do this. That's why I knew I had to make this invaluable ebook available to as many people as possible. It is the perfect tool that will quickly teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to start upselling the same way the 'Big Boys' do.

  • The REAL reason why people accept upsell offers. Get this right and your customers will almost NEVER say 'no'.
  • The four secret (yet plainly obvious) ingredients that are VITAL in creating a powerful "upsell recipe".
  • How to approach and position an upsell and when NOT to upsell at all. Get this wrong and it could cost you the ENTIRE sale.
  • The common thinking pattern that could literally be costing your business thousands of dollars every year.
  • The top 7 upsell techniques that are proven to double and triple sales almost instantly.
  • How to use red-hot emotional triggers to quickly seduce customers into clicking the "Order" button.
  • The one law that could possibly get you into serious LEGAL TROUBLE for upselling or cross selling.


Isn't it time you took action and made the right decision for you online business? As you can see, "Maximum Profit with Upsell Tactics" is jam-packed with concise, straight forward, right to the point information that will benefit you instantly. Within its pages, I will teach you how to upsell ETHICALLY but without sacrificing your own interests. You'll discover how to build value and maintain a trusting relation with your customers, which will undoubtedly keep them coming back for more and more!

I want you to grab Maximum Profit with Upsell Tactics right now and use it for the next 30 days, absolutely risk-free.

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Yes, Ken

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WIshing you much success,

Ken Sar

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