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Wii Unlock 4.3, Wii Hack, Wii Chip, Play Homebrew Games, Backup Games, and Import Games - WiiUnlockerClick Image To Visit Site"I was at my friend’s place 2 weeks ago and he just had his Wii unlocked. I didn’t know what that meant until he showed me. I was amazed at what an unlocked Wii could do! He could play backup games, imported games… everything! When I got back home I immediately opened Google and searched how to unlock my Wii. My friend had his modified with a mod chip. I didn’t want to go that route. I’m so glad I found WiiUnlocker! It works just as good (if not better), it was way cheaper, and I know I’m safe because I still have my warranty!"

"My boyfriend and I – actually husband, but we just got married so I’m not used to calling him my husband – love to play on our Wii. My husband used to play a lot on his Super Nintendo when he was a kid. I wanted to get him an original Super Nintendo as a gift but I was having a hard time finding one in decent shape, let alone finding the games he liked to play. I then heard about WiiUnlocker from my colleague who got it for her boyfriend. She told me she could play those old classic games on her Wii. When she showed me, I was sold! Needless to say I immediately got it for my boyfriend and he still thanks me to this day!"

"My son Jay has a lot of friends coming over for playdates. They usually end up playing the Wii at some point. When his birthday came, we knew we had to get him something for the Wii. He already had the basic accessories and they seemed like enough. My wife asked Jay’s friends what he would like to get and they told her about ‘mod chips’ and ‘unlocker’… Read more…

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