Have you ever wondered what are your visitors thinking of when they end up on your site?

I mean think about it.. If you know exactly what they are thinking about or looking for, you'll be able to provide them with what they truly want ..

And you’ll then be able to turn them from a visitor into a buyer... Now wouldn't that be cool?

Understanding where your visitors are in the process is the key to providing them with relevant information...

So guess at which stage are they most likely to BUY?

Visitors who are in the buying stage have already done their research & homework and have concluded that they are prepared to make a purchase decision.

Most of the time they have their credit card on hand so you just need to make a good offer and provide a strong call to action and get them to make the purchase now… 

And guess what is the next best stage?

So how would you like to shortcut the entire research process and gain access to a HUGE list of comparison shopper and buyer related keywords?



These keywords are researched MANUALLY and are 100% UP-TO-DATE! This is NOT a rehashed and out-dated list that you might have lying on your hard disk.

You'll receive data that displays the keyword & EXACT match search count:

And the COOLEST THING is, they are ALL CATEGORIZED according to the different sub categories like this:


Regular Price $27

Today Only $7.00

(For Personal Use Only)

Instant Download... No OTO.

To Your Success,

Ken Sar

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