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Dear Friend,

Guess what, custom minisite graphics are expensive! You can spend from $77 to even $397 for a custom design and not even get what you were expecting.

If you’re setting up a lot of websites the costs will add up…

The answer is to use TEMPLATES. You can use graphic templates as many times as you want and on as many sites as you want. Just imagine how much money you would be able to save.

For example, if you set up 10 sites, that’s at least $1,000 for 10 minisite graphic packages.

What if you spend just $100 for a template and use it on all your sites?

That’s $1,000 – $100 = $900 saving!!!

I’ve seen them all…

Plain blue background, with some simple, dull formatted text – that’s the template you can get everywhere.

But is it really what you are looking for?

What about high quality, cutting-edge and 100% unique minisite templates that are so drop-dead gorgeous that your visitors are hypnotized to see your sales copy?

Do you want to have this affect on your customers? Or just another boring minisite template, with no emotional impact???

Do you feel like you are losing potential buyers?

Do you feel like your visitors bounce from your website immediately after they see your site?

You will say it’s a copy!! Copy just suck, I need to improve it! I need to spend another $1,000 for a copywriter…

What if there is an easier way to improve your conversion?

Did you ever test if changing graphics can INCREASE your sales?

"All Look Great"
To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much from the package, however I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the volume of what is included. The PSD files and templates all look great and I am positive I will be able to make great use of them.
Stefan Dyke, Reading, UK

You have just 50 milliseconds

Yes, that’s how much time you have to create credibility, trust and a ‘visual appeal’

That’s not enough to read a word

That’s not enough to see the video

But it’s enough to set your visitor’s mind to think your site is legitimate, trustworthy and worth looking at.

Do you think it can help you in making more money?

"All In One Money Making Machine"
Fantastic! What more can I say? Well a lot more actually, this template package is like an all in one money making machine and so easy to install and use.
Michael Fallon, Liverpool, UK

Do you hate it?

  • Getting this over-priced, long-awaited design from your graphic designer and having completely no clue how to add your sales letter there or format it properly?
  • Formatting your sales copy in a raw HTML. Wasting hours to type all this boring code? Do you feel a little inefficient?
  • Trying to change the font/size in Frontpage, but it’s still not letting you do it?
  • Looking in dead agony for this 1 tool in Dreamweaver and eventually messing up the full design, and starting from the start after hours of waste?
  • These damned Johnson boxes, how on the earth to duplicate them??
  • How to cross out these numbers (strike)? What the hell…

Let me show you the EASIER way to go around that…

I was giving away some copies of maybe 1/10 of this product on different forums. One day a got an inquire from someone interested in buying an exclusive rights to this plugin for $3,500. That’s quite a lot for the plugin, ha?

Well, but nothing happened as you see, I believe in my plugin and my product all my heart and I know it’s the best tool you can get and it’s worth so much more!

Here it is:

Watch a short presentation of this amazing tool:

This is a custom Wordpress plugin, done especially for internet marketers and their needs.

All the crucial elements of the copy can be added with a 1 click of the mouse, elements like:

  • Video box
  • Testimonial Box
  • Section box
  • Order button
  • Signature
  • Ps

In all these elements you just have to fill a simple form and click OK.

What’s even more cool, you can transform a text into a headline with a 1 click!

This tool is so easy to use and an extreme time-saver, I use it all the time and my previous clients too! Here is what they say:

"Insanely Easy"
This has made using Wordpress insanely easy. Sales pages, with all your testimonials and other boxes and highlights. The way you want it and you can set up Wordpress sites with ease. If you need blog sites, landing pages, sales pages, etc. it doesn’t get any easier than this. Up and running within 5 or so minutes.
Michael Young, Melbourne, FL USA

Wordpress is one of the most popular software to manage the content on your site. It’s mostly used on blogs but it can be used literally to any type of website – if properly edited.

It’s so easy to manage the content in Wordpress, you will love it!

Installing wordpress takes just 5 minutes and I walk you through in my video trainings, step-by-step.

Installing a plugin and a template will take another 5 minutes, it’s also all in detail described in PDF instructions and videos.

"Video And PDF Instructions"
What makes this package special is the video and pdf instructions. I am not a technical person so I usually stumble around using packages like this. It is wonderful to actually be able to use a package, so thanks. Everything looks professional and the images are crisp and clean.
Laura Quintille, Jeromesville, USA

Dozens of people already tried it and not a single one had a problem with installing or working with my plugin and templates

In my 6 video trainings I covered:

  • Video 1 – How to install Wordpress
  • Video 2 – How to install theme and plugin
  • Video 3 – How to change header and headline graphics
  • Video 4 – How to work with the custom plugin
  • Video 5 – How to create a sales letter from the start
  • Video 6 – How to work with the full sales page generator

What about:

  • Product Sales Pages - Sell PLR products with the fresh sales page look
  • Affiliate Sales Pages - Create PPC landing pages, clickbank products reviews, etc.
  • Email Capture Pages - Generate a lucrative email list
  • CPA Landing Pages - Create highly impactful, highly converting landing pages
  • And Much Much More!

"Great Product"
The interface and attention to the detail speaks for themselves even during a quick overview. This is a great product that I think has huge potential and one I’ll be sure to employ in my future marketing strategy.
Ryan DeGraw, NY USA

  • Save at least $1,029 for the custom made overpriced minisite graphics (that could not be even what you were looking for)
  • The templates are using only CSS for text formatting, including graphic boxes
  • The templates are optimized for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  • Boost your sales - these templates will create instant attraction that will result in lower bounce rate and increased trust and respect from your customers
  • Enjoy Wordpress flexibility, manage easily your sales pages using easy to use CMS. Save multiple sales pages and activate the one you want.
  • Don't know Wordpress? Watch my step-by-step detailed video trainings showing from start to finish how to work with wordpress and the custom plugin. No more confusion!
  • Do you know Photoshop? Clearly folder separated layers in PSD file will help you to customize the design to your own needs. Also each template has a unique video showing how to customize the template in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Installation takes only few minutes
  • Save tons of time with the sales page formatting because of the custom made WYSIWIG interface made specially for marketers needs. You will find all the necessary tools in seconds.
  • Add easily testimonial, video, section boxes from the easy WYSIWIG interface
  • 1 Click Sales Letter Template Generator - Click 1 button to create a full sales page template with headline, author space, paragraphs, subheadlines, testimonial section boxes, order button, signature space, PSs, footer.
  • Save yourself a frustration of adjusting your sales page elements, now you can do it with the simple 'copy' and 'paste'.
  • No coding skills necessary! Each box element can be filled with a few clicks!
  • 30 Days free email support. Any problems with installation, plugin? Let me know and I will go back to you right away. I can even go into your wordpress and fix the problem directly.

Here are some amazing bonuses I prepared just for you:

Bonus : 3 Supreme Video Squeeze Pages
Everyone knows that videos in your squeeze pages can drastically increase your opt in rate that results in more money into your pocket. What if you could triple your opt in rate with 3 'dressed to kill' video squeeze page templates almost instantly?
Get these 3 Knockout Video Squeeze Templates with PSD files and Video Trainings for FREE!

Here we are.

This is decision time.

I showed you the value and how much you can gain…

Now it’s your time to take advantage of it before…

… Before it’s too late

Today Special Price: Only $27.00

Yes, Only $27.00. But you have to be fast.
I reserve the right to change the price at any time.

"Very Surprised"
Was actually very surprised by the quality of this offering. Its a very slick template that works well for me and some of my offerings.
Justin, Peru, Trujillo

"I Really Love It"
Very useful. I can create my own salespage using wordpress. Nice design and I really love it.
Moo Bolden, IL, Arlington Heights

60 Days Rock Solid Guarantee
If for ANY reason you won't like my package, just send me an email and I will issue your refund right away.

No questions asked, no excuses, no arguments. You don't have to worry, all the risk is on me!

I Wish You Success,
Ken Sar
P.S. This offer will disappear shortly. This INSANE LOW PRICE won't be here forever. The price might be increased to $47 at any moment. I reserve the right to increase the price at anytime.