This is a sample pop up that you can put: - special offer here
- youtube video here
- opt in form here
- or any text or image here

Not only that, You can set the timer delay for this popup to show. Currently the setting for this example is 3 seconds.

width and height can be adjusted according

Best of all, the "No Thanks" will make this pop up disappear and

"Ask Me Later" link, will pop back up at the timer you set, say 1 min or 3 min.

I urge you to grab this plugin now. It is very easy to install and very easy to use. Click here to order

No thanks.   Ask me later.

demo for wplistpro

This is a demo install of the WpListPro plugin.

Just post a comment below to be subscribed to my newsletter, and forwarded to any link I choose.
Note: If you test it and confirm your email address, you will get 3 PLR ebooks for free.

This is the power of WpListPro, and now you can harness it for YOUR online business!

Put in your comments and see it in action

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